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During a divorce, these amounts owed may become partly your responsibility. Perhaps the greatest drawback of filing taxes jointly with a gamblong is by doing so you accept that each spouse will be jointly and severally liable for any tax, additional tax, or penalties related to that particular return.

These debts can be a particular problem because deb tend to get large very quickly gambling debt innocent spouse spouses with gambling problems will generally go to extreme measures to casino counting being debt. Abusive spouse is running around and innnocent behind your back. Consult a New York Tax Attorney Spouse you feel that you are paying for a tax john ascuagas nugget hotel & casino that your spouse was solely responsible for and you acted reasonably and honestly in gambling your dealings with her and your tax obligations, seek the advice of Diana RevzinNY tax attorney on how you can get relief. Separate liability does not prevent joint liability for unpaid tax if the proper amount of taxes was reported. Generally, under separate liability rules, income and deductions are allocated according to what they would be if the spouses innocent filed separately. Gambling Debts An interesting case occurs if one spouse has a gambling problem or develops considerable gambling debt. Likewise, the percentage of benefit that a spouse received because of overstated deductions or innlcent the claiming of ineligible tax credits will make that spouse liable for that percentage of any tax deficiency because of the erroneous innoccent or tax credits, even if she did not know about them.

If your spouse--current or ex--squirreled money away in Switzerland or didn't report consulting fees or gambling winnings, is it your tax problem. You finally escape the situation and divorce bad spouse only to find that the IRS is after you for spouse's tax debt from the gambling winnings. Transferee liability not affected by innocent spouse relief provisions. . child or spousal support payments, or a federal nontax debt, such as a student loan. .. The understated tax due to the $5, of gambling winnings you knew about will.

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